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Superman Unchained Is “Ultimate Superman” – It’s Lois Lane’s Time To Shine

DC co-publisher and artist Jim Lee talked about Superman Unchained #6 and the re-emergence of Lois Lane. And describing the story with issue 7 as the “Ultimate Superman story”. […]

He described Lois Lane as a huge part of the mythology, even as she seems to being placed in the background in the main books […]. But issue 7 will, it seems give her a critical role in the book, alongside Jimmy Olsen, as the book “broadens out beyond Superman” who becomes an “avenging hero” with issue 7, after an attack on his Fortress Of Solitude, Batman and the Batcave. […]

Basically, Lois Lane fans who feel that, even with a one shot, the good lady reporter is a bit of a bit player? Your time has come. (Source: Bleeding Cool)

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Smallville Lois Lane in every episode

4x1 Crusade

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Someday, you’re going to meet someone special.

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Lois Lane: This could be the future!


Lois Lane: This could be the future!

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"Something tells me Lois and Clark’s destinies are a little more entwined than they realize." 

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Margot Kidder aka Lois Lane

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How do you find someone who has spent a lifetime covering his tracks? You start with the urban legends that have sprung up in his wake. All of the friends of a friend who claimed to have seen him. For some, he was a guardian angel. For others, a cipher; a ghost who never quite fit in. As you work your way back in time, the stories begin to form a pattern.

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Smallville → Lois 


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